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The Passing: L4D1 Edition

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  • Holdout Finale
  • Holdout Panic Events
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  • Sunyata

    Posted this review


    The best authentic L4D1 gaming experience for a port.

    I had previously written a review for the author's other ported campaign: Dead Center, and my review of "The Passing" won't deviate much in that regard. Nevertheless, I want to emphasize in this review that this port is fully compatible with the original Left 4 Dead game, eliminating the necessity for any additional add-on packs. This campaign port also offers a gaming experience that faithfully replicates the gameplay mechanics of L4D1. To illustrate; the L4D2 'Gauntlet' or 'Rush' events have been entirely replaced with L4D1 'Holdout' events.
    Once again, I'd like to commend KingDavid for making yet another valuable contribution to our community. Thank you.
    Sunyata ✶HardA✶

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