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The Last Stand: L4D1 Edition

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  • Holdout Finale
  • Holdout Panic Events
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  • Sunyata

    Posted this review


    Another L4D2 Port Offering A Genuine L4D1 Experience

    Having previously reviewed other campaign ports from KingDavid, my latest assessment of 'The Last Stand' follows in the footsteps of his other campaign recreations. I want to emphasize the compatibility of this port with the original Left 4 Dead game, eliminating the need for any special add-on packs. Noteworthy in the finale is the replacement of the 'scavenge' event with the classic 'holdout' event, aligning it more authentically with the original game.  Once again, KingDavid has done a great job in adapting this port and given us another great campaign from the L4D2 game.
    Sunyata ✶HardA✶

    Edited: 3 months ago

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    The Last Stand

    Campaign based on The Lighthouse survival map.

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