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    Early 2008 hud

    Rare hud recreated from an early gameplay early 2008. Hud was taken from the archive left 4 dead zero and was changed by me (Vanlice). Hud I made for my resolution (1600x900p), which I play. With other permissions, the hud will work som...

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    Early 2008 Flashlight Particle

    In Early 2008 the flashlight had an actually sexy effect, Xenort and I are here to restore that! Xenort - Creator Original Link: steamcommunity(dot)com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2849490391 Ceno - Port You can attempt to con...

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    Early 2008 Color Corrections

    So apparently Valve left quite a few unused color correction files within the game. Some of them made no sense, but the majority of them were early versions of the campaigns color corrections! This mod replaces the default color correct...


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