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    洞穴之旅 Cave Tour RE

    The four of them drove to the outskirts to find an ancient tomb, but found that someone had arrived first, and they had to leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible... 四人驱车前往郊外寻找一座古墓,却发现有人捷足先登,他们...

  • 2 Maps

    Dark Tide

    The survivors were trapped in an elevator on their way to the roof of the hotel when the tsunami struck four hours earlier. By the time they reached the roof, the last helicopter had left. So they started looking for new ways to escape t...

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    那一次我们去盗墓,在墓中经历了重重阻碍,看到了千年前古国公主的尸体……但没想到,到最后,只有我一个人 在我的余生中幸存下来并忍受了折磨。 That time we went to rob the tomb, we experienced many obstacles in the tomb, and we saw the corpse of...

  • 3 Maps

    Desperate Escape

    他们的游艇已经燃料耗尽,被迫停靠在了北方的一个港口,发现这里不仅有军方的踪迹,还有无数的感染者... Their yacht ran out of fuel and was forced to dock at a port in the north, where they found not only traces of the military, but countless...

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    The survivors are evacuated by the military and are forced to stop the train in an unknown place along the way, which hides a terrifying secret. . . //幸存者们被军方撤离,途中在一个未知地方被迫停下火车,而这里却隐藏着恐怖的秘密 ...// —...

  • 4 Maps

    At the gloaming RE

    The story takes place before "Desperate Escape"。The army and CEDA began to withdraw from the city, and survivors headed to the outskirts of the city, seeking help... 故事发生在《血港》之前。军队和CEDA开始撤出城市,幸存者前往城市郊区寻求...

  • 4 Maps

    At The Gloaming Ⅱ RE

    故事在黄昏时刻之后,直升机驾驶员被感染,飞机坠毁在北方边境的城市,幸存者们跟随军方撤离的路线,寻找救援。 After the story in <atthegloaming>, helicopter pilots are infected and the plane crashes in a city on the northern border, and the ...

  • 3 Maps

    The last Afterglow

    在幸存者们离开海啸城市后,帆船载着他们漂流到一座灯塔孤岛,发现灯塔之下是一个军方的地下仓库... After the survivors left the tsunami city, the sailboat carried them to drift to a lighthouse island, found under the lighthouse is a military ...

  • Map

    The Origin (Fix)

    This is an unfinished map from 12 years ago, after contacting the original author unsuccessfully I fixed it so that it has an ending. 这是一个12年前的未完成地图,在联系原作者未果后我将它修复,使它拥有一个结局。 原作者:TimEh,修复:白色...

  • 3 Maps

    Confused Ⅳ Regret

    这次,我们将彻底离开这个疯狂的世界,不留遗憾。 This time, we will leave this crazy world completely without any regrets. 这张地图是我用来测试脚本和一些其他机关的地图,难度极高,有闪退bug,游玩需谨慎。 This map is what I use to test the ...

  • 3 Maps

    Confused Ι Nightmare

    The survivors are involved in a strange experiment that is just the beginning of the nightmare... 幸存者们被卷入一次奇怪的实验,而这仅仅只是噩梦的开始。。。 The original work《confusion》;The original author <ZC榨菜>.Remade by authoriz...

  • 4 Maps

    Confused Ⅱ Illusions

    无论虚拟还是现实,你都要勇敢向前,奔向黎明。 Whether virtual or real, you have to brave forward, towards the dawn. 在获得原作者<ZC榨菜>的允许,我将《Campaign confusion2》重新制作,目前仍存在许多问题,请将你遇到的问题留言,我会在下次更...

  • 2 Maps

    The tsunami city (Fixed)

    基于原版的修改版本,它更简单(大概),并且不会再有更新。 Based on a modified version of the original, it's simpler (presumably) and won't be updated again.

  • 2 Maps

    The tsunami city

    海啸席卷了整个城市,幸存者在城市屋顶上找到了一列开往购物中心的火车,但等待他们的是…… Tsunami swept through the city, the survivors found a train to the shopping center on the city roof, but waiting for them is... 如果有影响游戏流程的bu...

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