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    Good campaign overall, but not really a fan of the finale, I guess I picked the wrong campaign spot, because I didn't even know what/where the rescue vehicle was, but apparently it was a random green train, that needs to be made more obvious, as the last thing you want is to fail the finale when rescue arrives, because this campaign has an extended finale with many more tanks, but you are given a lot of supplies to work with, still easy to get overwhelmed but you'll learn the layout. Yeah I don't have much to say about the first 3 chapters, they were fine, I have no praises nor no complaints, they were pretty average I guess. I like the idea of the campaign being mysterious, supposedly you're living in a nightmare, but we don't know for sure, right? Didn't find any issues anyways, so I would say give this campaign a go, and see what you think, it's no masterpiece but not bad.
    • Thanks, I have a lot of catching up to do, lol.
    • Good to see that you're back with reviews again, now that the review feature is back.

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