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Confused Ι Nightmare

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    Pretty mediocre campaign. Just saying it now: Chapter 1 is nearly impossible with bots, or at least a nightmare. It's a 21 can scavenge scenario with constant hordes and specials plus the occasional tank and a tank every 5 cans in the generator. I don't understand first of all why this wasn't the finale map, as this is BY FAR the most difficult chapter in the campaign, it's pretty ridiculous. Chapter 2 is a very short chapter with some troll special/boss spawns, nothing special. The finale is a pretty barren open map with some objectives and that's it... you win. Yeah you can pass this one.

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Confused I Nightm...

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Version 1.1 Complete

  • 6 Maps
    hehe21:Tank God domain

    Synopsis: the survivors went to an unknown place, where it was tank, and a group of tank was watching, and the survivors had to flee Schema command: map hehe211 map hehe212 map hehe213 map hehe214 map hehe215 map hehe216 map hehe217 ...

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  • Mod
    Makarov PMM (for Pistols)

    The modernized (hence the additional "M") version of the classic Soviet Makarov PM pistol. Improvements include a double-stack (or should I say "1,5-stack") magazine with a 12-round capacity as opposed to only 8, and a more powerful roun...

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  • Mod
    Menu QWEK by SWER

    New menu QWEK : -New In-game menu -New menu icons as HQ resolution 512x512, old resolution 256x256. -New menu border -New campaign frame -New logo Left 4 Dead 2 is now only in the main menu. and a bunch of other things.