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ok guys i am a texturer and a modeler DONT TOUCH MY WORK BEFORE ASKING ME PLEASE THANKS. models are very hard im new so when i get better i will come back and fix my old ones. so please guys enjoy! i love mass effect and everything about it its just amazi

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    chuck Norris approved this  gun


    chuck Norris approves the "no cons" act for this mod


    if its chuck Norris approved your good to go great job i love it

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    MW2 ranger-rochelle

    this is the last ranger for my pack. im putting em all together and giving them arms for the pack. it includes foley dunn ghillie sniper and a basic ranger. i hope you enjoy this one

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    Grunt replaces coach
    Beta N/A

    ok so i fixed the leg issue and made the arms better please tell me what else is wrong so i can make it perfect for you guys!

  • Mod
    Collector replaces ellis

    told ya i would get it to you! well guys i made EVERY bit of this alone on my own even the FPS arms. ill fix the wrist but i know its there i think its the bones maybe. but for now enjoy i love it!

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    Darkshadows batman reskin

    this was a idea that cam to me when i was played fallout and using a batman mod. i made it look shinier darker more new and of course real. i hope you like i do

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    darkshadows Hooker Witch

    ok guys this actually is me. not that stupid scam liar salamti or whatever. i hope you like it, i put a lot of time into it , i like it and trust me there were many different versions

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    OD green vltor

    this is a skin i made for the VLTOR i like it i worked hard on it.got new normals tiny phong scratch's and dirt i didnt make model coachz and various other authors made it thanks Huas for reminding me totally forgot.

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    Nick snakeskin tactical

    this is a skin i made where its nick in a snakeskin suit with a black vest red undershirt black pants a tac gloves so i worked for hours on this i hope you like it its got new normals a little phong and alot of work enjoy guys

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    darkshadows m16a2

    this is a skin i thought might be cool it took me 3 hours so i hope you like new bumps normals and phong so enjoy the realism


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