Geth Trooper replaces Nick

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  • aupied123

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    Good world model of the geth trooper with no stretching
    its nice to see a geth mod done finally. thank you for doing this
    edit: now has custom icons good to see this mod is being improved


    fps hands are very buggy but you said you would fix this or work on it
    hands on the world model are a bit bugged too along with the lower part of the arms seem to be twisted or streched a bit but it is not very noticable in the world.


    I like this mod but the fps hands kill it a bit for me. ill be glad once you are able to fix them becasue someone finally made a geth survivor mod. ill keep this one on my radar for it to be updated. Im looking foward to seeing this nice mod being improved. also some glow effect on the geth eye and body could be nice if it is within your ability.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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