MW2 spetsnaz(v2)

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  • Dormin

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    I really liked the helmets
    Varity of accesories
    Nice placement of the colors of the camo
    I really felt like if i were playng with some militarys survivors


    Something strange happened to me, when i was aproaching a lamp my hands and the pants of the other survivors were making a strange effect, like if they were mirros, its hard to explain
    The camo it´s a little pixelated


    1) Try to make a more fiting theme for the city, i mean this camo should go well in a desert or something like that
    2) The camo should not be so uniform, i mean the theres should not be camos in the gloves or in the boots (but i know that you will fix this in the 3rd version
    3) Search for experienced skiners and modelers the can teach you how to improve, i send you a PM with the names of some skiners and modelers i know, but i don´t know if they´re willing to help you
    4) Should made your mods with the help of others, build a team, ask a friend, etc
    For your level its very good, try to make a camo like the green ones, with black, brown, a darker green than the one that used before, anyway its just like the military skins that poeple do for bill 

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