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Welcome and thanks for looking at my profile. As you can see I develop l4d2 maps, my most notable being Whitaker's Gun Shop Roof. I really suggest you get your hands on it, either from l4dmaps or steam workshop, it won't disappoint! Thanks!

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  • Pros:

    -Highly detailed
    -Large open area
    -Extremely professional structural design
    -Absolutely intelligent prop use and variations for areas
    -100% immersing map
    -Hilariously weird finale
    -Running for your life during finale


    -Large, maybe too large, but the creation of all the areas and rooms and detail outweighs it.
    -Extremely challenging even at advanced
    -Finale is long, which is good, but is also a bit overwhelming, once again out weighed by the design of the map


    By far the best map I have ever played, not only is it a campaign, but it is absolutely huge!
    I got out of the underground base, i thought it was huge there, OH MY GOD! The above ground base is even better, the industrial area is mindblowlingly large and intricate. You don't happen to work for an architect company? How the hell were you able to make such smart use of all the props? The industrial zone, that had to be referenced, like oh my god!!!!

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