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    Lots of stuff to push, activate etc.


    Director is out of control.


    Good map, but bring your friends.
    • Thank you mojo for a great review!!
      In regards to the difficulty, I've found that playing solo you actually have a chance, but when you join with two or more human players, the difficulty multiplies. The bots are not reliable so you have to be on your game. In regards to underground, it is extremely difficult at times; mainly cause there are so many choke points, dead ends and tight spaces and the director doesn't have as many open spaces to spawn the infected, so you quickly get overwhelmed.
      The voice is actually a text to speech editor that has been boosted in amplitude and the reverbed for the echo.
      I plan to do a massive update to this entire mod, maily cause I think it is [email protected]!. I mean I love the idea and it's very innovative, but in regards to mapping techniques and quality in certain areas, there is a lot that I can do; so when I've finished the hive, I'm going to overhaul this map to make it 10 times better!

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