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    Used to play this back in 2010. Can't believe I never left a review. Nice unique setting and fun gameplay. Hordes occur too frequently though.

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    Dead Before Dawn (Uncut)
    Beta N/A

    "BrInG mE a BeEr, h'I nEeD a BeEeEeR!!!" (c) Hank Kowalski This is a very first version of this campaign ever released before even Left 4 Dead 2 came out. It has cut from further versions tasks, randomizations, voicelines, overall ma...

  • 3 Maps
    2019 (Anniversary Edition)

    The Future is here. And it's not pretty. Remastered for Left 4 Dead 2's 10th anniversary! Travel through an overrun Apartment building, down through the Riverfront, and into Xen-Corp's offices for a helicopter rescue. Original Author: M...

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  • Map
    2019 II: World On Fieri (Preview)

    The opening map to the sequel to The Blartening is here for special stress-testing. Tell me what you think! After the end of The Blartening, survivors must travel back in time to prevent Blart from ever launching his attack on the world...

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  • 3 Maps
    2032: Redux

    2032: REDUX is now available! Contains dozens of bug/glitch fixes, gameplay improvements, new map areas, and engine improvements! The epic conclusion to the 2019 Trilogy is here. Who will survive when the nightmare returns once more? ...

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  • 7 Maps
    2019 II: Director's Cut

    Welcome back to San Marino. Pick up the story from where it last left off at the end of 2019 with a vastly improved campaign. After the helicopter crash, Nick and the other survivors must find the last way out of the city - a hidden bun...

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  • 7 Maps
    2019 II: The Blartening

    Welcome back to San Marino. Can you save your favorite mall cop, Paul Blart, from facing an untimely death? He's trapped inside a bunker and needs your help. (The first person to find all hidden Paul Blart posters in the campaign wins ...

  • Map
    Contact: Remastered

    Hold out and wait for rescue on an asteroid mining colony. Original map by Aigik released in 2010, updated for 2015 by myself. I have not modified the original map in any way. I have only fixed the broken models caused by The Sacrifice...

  • Map
    Club Dali: Remastered

    An updated, fan-created version of the original Club Dali! Contains new lighting, an optional music-playlist, and increased map detail. I take no credit for the original brushwork of the map.

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  • Map
    El-Dorado Safehouse

    Adds a safehouse for the player inside the El Dorado Gas Station near Helios One. Includes a fridge, work bench, a bed, some guns and ammo and more. Includes Fantastic as a bodyguard and a Mercenary outside. INSTALLATION: Instructions...

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  • Mod
    2019 - HD Texture Pack

    Downloadable Content for 2019. Adds bumpmaps and tweaks many of the textures in 2019 and gives them a much better look. This is optional and non-resource intensive.

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