2019 II: The Blartening

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  • EshmawyMan

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    A Waste

    It's really nothing and I thought it got big big potential and something great would be waiting, but found nothing in return for all that lagging and nonsense. Chapters were pretty short and pointless as a whole chapter can be just about a short slow movie going on and the new funny thing is asking us to pay for the bile bomb in order to take it. LOL. No sorry, I can survive great zombie apocalypses with my melee or auto-shotgun. The campaign ended in chapter 3? 3.03 GB are about what really? A waste of download, a waste of space and a waste of time. Chapter 4 " Arrival " is the same as chapter 3 .. WTF!
    • @PinchedMarrow65, sorry for an a$$ like you.
    • That's because this campaign has multiple endings, silly!

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    [L4D2] What if The M79 Explosion Sounds has Met...

    Replaces: Grenade Launcher Explosion Sounds Recommended Mods: Every Grenade Launcher Mods has no Custom Explosive Sounds? Idea by I.B.R.X for the Split Second TF2 Dub video with Nick Edited by Alester

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    Zalgo Tinky Winky Hunter

    Zalgo Tinky Winky is from that Slendytubbies 1 mod called ''Slendytubbies 6 the fogs'' from 2016, which also some downloads of it had a trojan in it

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    [Main menu] Простое меню списком в стиле L4D1

    Моя попытка создать удобное меню в виде списка, напоминающее меню из первой части. Это дополнение представляет собой, по сути, сборную солянку из нескольких других аддонов, которые, так или иначе, были отредактированы мной в угоду необхо...