Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
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2 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
Final version with 3 levels of difficulty / Version finale avec 3 niveaux de ... More >
Updated 01/30/15
Uploader Zec
Author Zec

2 Highway
This is the Dark Carnival Hotel map setup on the other side of the fence. Gr... More >
Updated 03/01/15
Author Valve

3 Bloody Sunday 2
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Six days after the infection you 4 are still alive, but it's just the beginin... More >
Updated 04/16/17
Uploader Herbius
Author NZN NXN

4 Dead center 20 years later fixed
Dead Center 20 Years Later Survival map by eltoy1337 with fixed navigation fi... More >
Updated 10/21/15
Uploader Mike_HDF
Author eltoy1337

5 Project Auburn L4D1
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
4 desolate industrial environments. Explore a water treatment plant and event... More >
Updated 06/27/17
Uploader Herbius

6 The Final Stand
THE FINAL STAND|| ---------------- Having heard rumor of abandoned anti-perso... More >
Updated 02/03/16
Uploader Roflmahwafflz
Author Roflmahwafflz

7 r.a.t.z.f.a.t.z.
Co-Op Survival
r.a.t.z.f.a.t.z. - referencing a thousand zombie films at this zurvival Thi... More >
Updated 02/01/16
Uploader Grobigrog
Author grobi

8 Red City
2 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Survivors must fight their way through an infested city before holding out fo... More >
Updated 06/29/16
Uploader FearTheFuzZY
Author Pranav Kumar

9 Siege of Minas Tirith
NOTE: I am aware of the gameplay issues and the difficulty. I am making the m... More >
Updated 05/30/16
Uploader flaarisse
Author Flaarisse

10 Defend:Wall
Co-Op Survival
All you have to do is defend the wall after call rescue. Every 10 zombie come... More >
Updated 06/11/16
Uploader a970032

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Miscellaneous Survivors
Tavish DeGroot, the bomb throwing cycloptic drunken Demoman is ready to make ... More >
Updated 03/27/12
Uploader 1337gamer15
Author 1337gamer15

2 Zoey Replaces Witch (Plus) Zoey's Voice
Works with skins on i turned on my Zoey Green Mod so it affected it and yes i... More >
Updated 02/03/12
Uploader monstergaga(l4d)

3 Ghost
Miscellaneous Survivors
Lieutenant Simon 'Ghost' Riley was a British special forces operator in Call ... More >
Updated 02/07/12
Uploader Batman1954
Author Batman

4 Katana Hellsing
a katana reskin i made long time ago. handle was completely reskined, changed... More >
Updated 02/01/13
Uploader k1chwa
Author K1CHWA

5 Vienna Calling 1
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Now for 'Left4Dead 2'! They could take a look at the precious sights of Vienn... More >
Updated 02/23/11
Uploader 44Vmapping
Author 44Vmapping

6 Death Pit 2
Survival Scavenge
Fight in the death pit using the all new L4D2 arsenal at your dispense! Chain... More >
Updated 07/31/10
Uploader Thegreen16
Author Thegreen16

7 Parasite Station2
With New York decimated by the neo-mitochondrial creatures the 17th precinct ... More >
Updated 06/19/12
Uploader X3Ent3nte

8 Drop Dead Gorges
3 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
Originally conceived and heavily tested as a versus campaign, version 2 const... More >
Updated 12/19/13
Uploader cincinnati
Author cincinnati

9 Dead Flag Blues 2
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
In a desolate and zombie infested world you and your group try to find some r... More >
Updated 03/06/16
Uploader fmpfmp

10 Dead District
Survival Scavenge
In this map, the Survivors have to resist against bunches of zombies in an un... More >
Updated 07/17/11
Uploader The Mark
Author The Mark

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6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last... More >
Updated 11/05/12
Uploader rtsdeathreaper

2 Precinct 84 (2018 Edition)
4 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
After a helicopter crash into a city just freshly hit by the infection. The s... More >
Updated 07/02/18
Uploader Trunten

3 Resident Evil 3
7 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
Things you have to know: -I changed the name (Raccoon City Nemesis) to avoi... More >
Updated 04/23/18
Uploader Rodry_metal
Author Roku

4 Mai Shiranui (Rochelle) [Remove the tail]
Miscellaneous Survivors
Mai Shiranui Rochelle Replacement. Credit. EbolaChan – Original Mai Model E... More >
Updated 06/18/18
Uploader hess1978
Author hess

5 Back to school
6 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
The storyline offer new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an e... More >
Updated 01/19/13
Uploader romasm

6 Resident Evil 1
6 Maps Co-Op Survival
An incident with the chopper forces the survivors to get into a big house in ... More >
Updated 04/21/18
Uploader Rodry_metal

7 Death Aboard 2
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
Death Aboard 2 is the convertion to L4D2 of the popular Death Aboard campaign... More >
Updated 08/19/11
Uploader Diputs
Author Diputs

8 Dark Wood (Extended)
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------... More >
Updated 04/17/18
Uploader Phaeton
Author Phaeton

9 Silent Hill
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
Silent Hill styled campaign for l4d. Originally elaborated by Leafo. Later l4... More >
Updated 06/23/18
Author Leafo

10 City of the Dead (Beta, L4D2)
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
IMPORTANT: This map is in Beta and not finished! This means that some of the ... More >
Updated 06/29/18
Uploader Brian78456
Author Jake

Dark Blood 2 Left 4 Dead 2
Uploader: CastorJudo
Author: CastorJudo
The survivors drifted at sea and a tankership seems deserted. But it's filled with infected.
The survivors must try to restart the tankership motor, if they want to join the oil plateform where a helicopter was heading.

version of Dark Blood for left4dead 2

have fun.
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Updated: 10/19/10   •   Views: 296,400  •  darkblood2_v3.vpk (61MB)