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  • Truly amazing

    After playing trough on normal two or three times, I came to make this review. The maps were all really well-designed, very "japanese" on all parts. Also, they all had cool places to explore and to gather items. Talking about items, they were plenty and well distributed. It was really fun to play through and to just look at the details and feel the atmosphere. No NAV errors, with both zombies and bots. Only errors were some props that disappeared, only having a big red "ERROR" in them. That aside, perfect job.
    Also, might I ask how long you took to make this map?

Published Items

  • 5 Maps
    Infection Overdrive

    The survivors escape from the highway in Road to Ruin was short lived. They crashed their truck a few days later, and now must proceed on foot towards an once vibrant city where they hope to find the military. The lights still shine brig...

  • 2 Maps
    Road to Ruin

    After escaping the swamps in Dark Waters, the survivor's truck ran out of gas. Now, stranded in a big highway, they must search for gas to escape the dangerous place they are.

  • 3 Maps
    Last Ride

    After escaping from the city in Burning Night, the helicopter of the survivors face problems during the flight and ends up crashing. Now they must cross another infested city to find an escape vehicle in the opposite side of the city. Wh...

  • 4 Maps
    Dark Waters

    After crashing their bus, survivors must cross swamps, villages and towns to find a way to escape this hell.

  • 2 Maps
    Drowning Hope

    After crashing their chopper, the survivors must cross a harbor and follow the train tracks to a port where they can be saved by a boat. (Did this campaign a long time ago, and it does not has a very good quality and is pretty short.)

  • 4 Maps
    Burning Night

    Stranded in a recently infected city, survivors get a contact with the militaries by the radio. Now they must cross this burning city to get rescued.


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