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    The Grave Outdoors

    Fight the infected as you try to get away from the infected filled city, out into the countryside to escape. This is for those who like their campaigns long. *8 maps for co-op and versus modes. *4 maps include survival mode. *6 crescend...

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    The Grave Outdoors

    Originally made by Megadude for L4D1 only, later ported by Herbius in L4D2 with different name Dead Military "2", despite there's no "1" exist. Megadude made it pain in the a** to port (becasue he hates L4D2 for some reason), He placed b...

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    Death Sentence

    Final release of a L4D Survival map set in a prison. You are trapped inside one of the cellblocks. Your only option is to break the windows of the 1st floor control booth, flip the Security Reset button, and hope for a miracle.

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    L4D2 Radio

    Survival/scavenge map set in and around a radio station, built on the edge of a cliff. Snow themed map. First time making a scavenge map. This is also a prototype for the last map in a L4D2 campaign I'm planning.


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