ion's Vocalizer

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  • 13 radial menus with shared voice lines
  • 9 radial menus with character-specific voice lines
  • Setting up keys for the radial menus is easy
  • Works on official, dedicated and local servers
  • Works in single player
  • Full compatibility with The Last Stand update


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  • docta

    Posted this review


    One of the best radial menus.

    Quality vocalizer which has constant support by the creator, he is always active in-game also and listens to the folk who use it. More than enough options to keep even demanding folk like myself happy, the in-game options makes it easy for anyone to adjust their hotkeys. Everything just works perfect, have never encountered any issues and i have been using this for a long time. You will go through other vocalizers but you will eventually just settle with this one cos it's all you need.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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Version 19.0 Complete

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