The Grave Outdoors

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    A unique, enjoyable experience

    The campaign itself is a creative combination of several valve maps, including No Mercy, Death Toll, and Blood Harvest (though not a direct one!). The campaign is very open, so there's lots of places to explore, and paths to find. It is a rather challenging map, but not too difficult to a point where completion is impossible.
    I would like to point out, however, that it is difficult to distinguish the gauntlet events from regular panic events, so I ended up fighting hordes of zombies for 5 minutes before realizing they were infinite (may I suggest adding a "run to the safehouse" director event to display on the screen?). There were a couple nav issues going on in the finale map where bots simply stayed in an area until an infected killed them, or you decide to stay with them.
    There were some funny moments, having a curious mind ends up killing you when a train runs you over. I really enjoyed the campaign, in the end, and would definitely play it again.

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Version 2.1 Final

  • 3 Maps
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