Crimson Passage

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  • Map
    Shipwreck Shore

    My third map for Red Alert 3. Average-sized, forest map with a lake bordering bases of both players. Pressure on naval game ensured. Capturing islands on the lake is high priority to succeed. I tried to recreate Deadman's Ridge but it ki...

  • Map
    Lake Diamante

    This is a small tropical 1v1 map for fast duels. Battle takes place at this beautiful lake, wonderfully shaped by the forces of nature into resemblance of a diamond. Yeah, right.. In fact, I made this map during my breaks at studying in ...

  • Map
    Fort Morgan

    Fort Morgan was originally put forward as a suggested Red Alert 3 map by Nocturnal, a forum member on the EA main forums. Having looked at some aerial shots of the historic site in Alabama, I also thought that it could be a good scenario...

  • Map
    Battlebase X

    The idea behind this map was to say that this is part of the fortress that would be the place to hold the Japanese soil that the emperor insisted should be carried around for him, for when he has to visit the fortress. Battlebase X is a...

  • File
    C&C RA3 Worldbuilder

    This development toolset is used by Electronic Arts designers to create single-player missions and multiplayer maps for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, and now it’s available to you. The fully-featured 3D environment gives you complete v...



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