Iceland Icebergs

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  • Map
    Mount fuji capture

    Mount fuji capture Your task is to fight off the terrain, which was captured by the Russians. Co-operative mission for two players or one. Settings: It is recommended to play 2 players, but can be one 1.2 Slot / Two real players! or p...

  • Map
    Lake Diamante

    This is a small tropical 1v1 map for fast duels. Battle takes place at this beautiful lake, wonderfully shaped by the forces of nature into resemblance of a diamond. Yeah, right.. In fact, I made this map during my breaks at studying in ...

  • Map
    Watering Hole

    Watering Hole is a four player desert map with an oasis and small town located in the middle. Each player starts off with the usual two ore nodes, and has two nearby expansions, one on water and one on land. Between each player location ...

  • Map
    Pacific Heights

    This map is a remake of Pacific Heights for Red Alert 2. Each player starts in the corner of the map with 2 Ore Nodes with 2 nearby expansions, one on the water and 1 on the land near the beach. The centre island contains 4 Oil Derricks ...

  • Map
    Tokyo Harbour

    Tokyo Harbour is a map for six players. Each player gets two Ore Nodes at the beginning. The more Ore Nodes you want, the harder they will be to get. In the middle of the map there is a big city with many places to hide your troops. The...



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