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Big Tree Islands

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  • Stooge213

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Version 1.0 Final

  • Map
    Mission Imperor

    This co-op mission alone or with a friend! The mission "the attack on the Emperor" Settings: = 1.2 slot | Two real players or player+bot ( brutal ) | 1 team | USSR = Slot 3 | bot ( Then put in your hand, preferably the middle ) | 2 t...

  • Map
    Pacific Heights

    This map is a remake of Pacific Heights for Red Alert 2. Each player starts in the corner of the map with 2 Ore Nodes with 2 nearby expansions, one on the water and 1 on the land near the beach. The centre island contains 4 Oil Derricks ...

  • Map
    Cruickshanks Crossing

    ***** Notes: ****** This map is a 5 player Skirmish map. Finances are kept to a reasonable level with the many Oil Derricks and Ore Nodes available. Access between the 2 islands is via 2 bridges, crossing the river to the north and sout...

  • Map
    Hexalock Lake

    This map is designed for 6 players in a 2v2v2 set up. The set up should include a northwest team, a northeast team and a south team. The map was not created as a symmetrical map, and as such there are variations to the start choices affe...



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