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  • Map
    Dutch Courage

    This map is set in Amsterdam. Each player starts with the usual 2 ore nodes and 1 nearby expansion. There are 4 access points to each of the 4 player positions, 2 by bridge and 2 by water. The only way to manoeuvre naval units around wil...

  • Map
    Pacific Heights

    This map is a remake of Pacific Heights for Red Alert 2. Each player starts in the corner of the map with 2 Ore Nodes with 2 nearby expansions, one on the water and 1 on the land near the beach. The centre island contains 4 Oil Derricks ...

  • Map
    To Bridge the Gap

    To bridge the gap is a 1v1 map set on the Mykonos islands. You start in a small dock area with 1 garrison. There is a large ramp in front of your base, at the top is a large city, and 2 ore nodes, yet the city is divided and connected b...

  • Map

    Map named after the 4 pentagonal shaped corner bases. The 4 corner base players begin with 2 nodes, but with expansion into the sea. Plenty of action as a full 5 player map, but seems to be more fun as 2v2 with capture and defend on the ...

  • Map
    Arctic Refuge

    Medium sized three or six player map with narrow engagements, lots of water and various attack-routes! Set in on a snowy island in the arctic.



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