Moscow Madness

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  • Map
    Uhud Battlefield

    Uhud Battlefield is a map which has been designed as a 3v3 Ground war, but much fun can be had by playing various combinations, or against the AI. Each player will start the game with 2 main Ore Nodes with plenty of choice for expansion ...

  • Map
    Rampant Wilderness

    Map designed around the Mount Rushmore theme, as I thought most of the props have little or no appearance in the game on Multiplayer maps but really based in the Canadian Forest woodland. Water splits up the flat map with small camp site...

  • Map
    Cruickshanks Crossing

    ***** Notes: ****** This map is a 5 player Skirmish map. Finances are kept to a reasonable level with the many Oil Derricks and Ore Nodes available. Access between the 2 islands is via 2 bridges, crossing the river to the north and sout...

  • Map
    DC Uprising

    DC Uprising is possibly my favourite RA2 map which is why I decided to make it for RA3. This map is good for all vs all matches and each position offers different advantages. Each player starts with the usual 2 Ore Nodes and has 1 nearby...

  • Map
    Battlebase X

    The idea behind this map was to say that this is part of the fortress that would be the place to hold the Japanese soil that the emperor insisted should be carried around for him, for when he has to visit the fortress. Battlebase X is a...



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