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Version 1.0 Final


  • Map

    DM-BitterEnd SE

    Set on a small island, this temple lay in ruins, destroyed by the war. This is a 100% remake of my first level, which originally used the basic BSP of DM-Santuary.

  • Map

    WAR-Floodgate Winter

    The Necris floodgate has been over taken by axon for combat training during a harsh winter. A conversion of WAR-Floodgate. See video below for a comparison between the two. Changes: Vehicles: * x2 scorps, x2 manta's at core * x1 Paladi...

  • Mod


    Malcolm (Unreal Tournament 3 style) Includes: -red/blue teamcolors -Unreal Tournament 1 style sunglasses (choosable from the goggles tab) -Custom first person arms -Custom voicepack -Custom family -Custom faction (Thunder Crash)

  • Mod

    Vas UT3 AutoShields

    This Mutator will give players auto shields that can be set to regenerate after time. You can set Shields at +10 every sec until max. If player is hit. Shield reg stops and will come back after 10sec of non fighting. Every hit to player...

  • Mod

    Weapon Arena Mutators

    This is a pack of mutators to allow arena style play with each weapon (only one weapon in the game which has unlimited ammo). Ammo still counts down, but the counter will reset when it reaches zero.