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Version 0.2 Beta

  • Map
    Beta N/A

    My second map. It's an egypt themed map with two levels. Will update it from time to time. Feedback is welcome. You can either post feedback here, or in the map's showcase thread on TF2maps forum, or on my steam wall. Map is still work i...

  • Map
    The Rusty Bucket
    Beta N/A

    A remake of Rare's Rusty Bucket Bay from Banjo Kazooie. The map is focused on the ship only. Map Supports bots and features the following: *Horsemann *Wheel of Fate *Banjo Kazooie Pickups *Banjo Kazooie Textures

  • Mod
    Classic Windows Hitsound + Killsound

    The classic error chime that everyone familiar with the Windows 9x days came to have engraved into their skulls, turned into a TF2 hitsound with the Windows 3.x startup "TADA" as killsound. For installation, simply drop the VPK into you...

  • Mod
    Spy COD Ghosts mask
    Beta N/A

    Logan T Walkers mask from Call Of Duty Ghosts. P.s my first skin, so be nice XD



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