No Mercy (Demo)

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  • ToughSun14

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    Amazing work!

    I really enjoyed this campaign. It serves as a great alternative since the Demo is no longer available in the store, so, good job. Though, I have a request: Can you make The Parish (Demo Version) as well?
    • I actually exported the files from the demo itself onto an addon, and then the .vpk file. I did the same thing with the L4D2 demo, but it just loads the next chapter regardless. Besides, the lightning is broken on several areas, so it isn't limited to that problem only.
    • Well, honestly, I'd just do what you did here: make an entirely new campaign with just two chapters, and use The Parish as a template. I mean, that IS what you did with this custom campaign, right?
    • I've been meaning to do that for a while now, but I've put the thing to rest for now, since I can't figure out how to prevent the map from continuing after the 2nd chapter. Besides, I've recently bought the L4D Arcade, so I'm focusing more on that atm. I won't give up though! One way or another, the L4D2 Demo will also be released.

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