Final Terminus

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    True Masterpiece!

    Since this map was created in 2009,I'm sure that author doesnt gaming in L4D anymore and doesnt reading replies here.In spite of that I put here a positive review.This map is good when you run it alone with bots.But its definitely became an exellent with complete 4/4 ppl team.*Watch our video below.
    Far helicopter before event start.Doomsday mood of graffities and corpses.
    This map is perfect balanced with tough but still fun gameplay.Author made the distance to the team in waiting-hall barelyenough to have time to kill bursting Tanksbefore they reach you,so team must coordinate deeds in essential way.
    A special strangeness of this add-on is periodical infernal shining with a pretty hard intensity,that last every time about 30-40 seconds,then ceased.It's not correlate with time breaks or something else,and disturbing gameplay a bit.Why it was added here?However its not crucial.
    Respect to author,I really appreciate your serious work,best wishes to you,man.

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