The Arena of the Dead

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    ==== In general  ====
    + Short but not too short.
    + Finale rescue arena was great. 
    + Descend AI navigation.
    + Rooftop fighting was great.
    + Right amount of throwables.
    + Not too less other equipment.
    + Tanks in every map.
    + Various ways that lead to the safe spots.
    + Aiming at switches make survivors talk.


    ==== Map 1 ====
    - AI mates were not always following.
    - Mercy hospital in the background ruined the moment to show custom content.
    ==== Map 4 - Finale ====
    - Blocky areas everywhere.
    - Too many special infected on the roof at the chopper.
    ==== In general ====
    - Small and blocky areas in apartments.
    - In my opinion there was lack of own creativity.


    Nice campaign but the No Mercy setting in the background of map 1 was disturbing and somehow blocking the creativity and the custom contents. There's not much to say about it, but all in all I liked it.

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