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Delfino Plaza Clean-up

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    - Anything Mario inspired is a plus already haha.
    - Loading poster is always a plus.
    - Pretty new; never seen anything quite like this before.
    - I like the idea of the island.
    - The tunnels were a pretty cool addition. 
    - The nav mesh was pretty well built, I didn't find any flaws.
    - Enough supplies to last many, many hoards.


    - Many areas that just weren't built or put together right.
    - A couple texture errors.
    - In the tunnels, you could see the sky, that's not right.
    - Quite a bit blocky, but ehh I'm not taking off points for it.


    - This is a good map, and a great idea; I see a lot of potential. I had fun playing it, and I would say it is worth downloading aha. The tunnels were great, but you could see sky through the cracks. I realize how difficult it is to make tunnels, believe me I have tried and had to abbandon a map because I just couldn't get it working right, but just try to fix yours up, maybe use the sew button in the displacement. Other then just adding more details and fixing it up to make it more optimized and less blocky, its a nice, rough start, especially for your first survival map. I will update my review as you update the add-on, and if you need any help lemme know.  

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