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Stonehenge Survival

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    - The whole Stonehenge idea; it's one of the mysteries of the world and it is unique to L4D.
    - Good amount of supplies; you won't use everything in one lifetime aha.
    - The rocks and Stonehenge itself looked pretty well made with the displacement and all.
    - The infected seemed to spawn perfectly all around us; the navigation mesh is flawless.


    - The weapon placement was awkward and unnatural.
    - The loading poster goes black after a second when the map is trying to load.
    - The terrain is unnatural, pointed, and not as easy to navigate.


    - The overall idea of the map is unique, but I'm not sure if it is really worth playing. I think you could have done much better with the details and lighting. I see a lot of room for improvement, and I do see this is beta, so I'm not worried you won't pull through. I also thought you could have done better with the terrain displacements, since you did such a good job on the rocks. As the map stands now, I just think it needs far more improvement before it can be played seriously. I will be around, to update my review as you update this, feel free to message me for any ideas or help you may need. 

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