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    It's an Ok Campaign

    Nice Interiors
    Finale does not have throwables and is overall quite bland
    Summary: It's a good time waster but not very interesting
    Original Comment for comment section context:
    2 Stars
    "Disappointing. Terrible Finale with almost zero throwables, Full of Missing Textures."
    Hard to believe these are the same people that made "Bummer Camp" (which was a perfect campaign).
    • Once again, I'm not sure if this reply tags everyone in this thread or not. But that could be the case. I have L4D2 installed but its the one that added both L4D and L4D2 Maps so I had assumed the mod versions didn't matter. I will check out the port by Darthded I just saw and delete this comment after a few days (which I assume you might hopefully see it in lol)
    • Are you sure that you didn't play the wrong version? Like for example, if you play L4D1 campaigns on L4D2 without properly porting them, you'll see lots of imvisible objects, "Error" signs, pink-black textures etc. The L4D2 version of this campaign is also available on L4D2 section, so if you play L4D2 you should try that L4D2 version. This one is for L4D1.
    • I didn't even know that, no wonder i liked it so much then

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