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bill body skull camo l4d1

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  • Mod
    L4D1 Marco Conti - WWZ - [Francis]

    Marco Conti from the game WWZ, replaces Francis - Facial expressions - Viewmodel arms - "sv_intro_model" version included - First person arms - Vgui images CREDITS: Model: Saber Interactive/cassius L4D1 port by Xavi Al...

  • Mod
    L4D1 Bunko Tatsumi - World War Z - [Zoey]

    L4D1 Bunko Tatsumi from the game World War Z, replaces Zoey. - Facial expressions - Viewmodel arms - Jigglebones (Hair, plushie and knife holster) - "sv_intro_model" version included - First person arms - New makeup - Vgui image...

  • Mod
    Sirgibsalot's Globally Offensive Shotgun

    Pump shotgun built off the sawed-off shotgun from cs:go with a few parts from the left 4 dead 2 pump/chrome shotguns. Includes a HUD icon. To change the hud icon on the weapon panel you will need to edit the file mod_textures.txt manu...

    • Updated
  • Mod
    L4D1 Francis - Dead by Daylight

    L4D1 Francis - Dead by Daylight Features: ■ First Person Arms ■ VGUI Icons: Lobby / Ingame / Incap ■ Sv_Intro model for maps "L4D2onL4D1" ■ Adjusting outfit to Francis body ■ Position of pistol in holster! ■ Boomer Bile ■ Matc...

  • Guide
    Survive in the Hospital No Mercy

    How to survive in the hospital no mercy? Well first of all I just want to say that as you discover how to survive in the following maps we will try to help you with a guide, let's start. 1-when they reappear in the hospital place, every...