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Ellis voice for E...

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Version 0.1 Complete

  • Map
    Meow server volley ball court

    This is a basic map for for volley ball that has a net and was made for the meow server/ group. If you make any modifications of this map, make sure to link the original map a.k.a. mine.

  • Map
    Trade Pretence Beta 5
    Beta N/A

    Beta 5 of trade pretence, now with double the content, bug fixes and plenty of zelda related easter eggs, along with most of the old content :3 Ill leave you the user to discover most of this maps features for yourself, however to menti...

  • Mod
    prototype buff banner

    replaces the flag for the buff banner note : used really for friends games.

  • Mod
    Pokemon UI and HUD soundpack

    BE WARNED. THIS SOUNDPACK MAY NOT WORK PROPERLY ON VALVE SERVERS. Pokemon UI and HUD soundpack for TF2 (v1.01) This soundpack will be purely using old Pokemon game sounds. You can check the demonstration video bellow. -Features- Sound ...



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