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Night of the Wolves

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  • angryTANK

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    - Some kind of historical background
    - World War II based
    - Very open
    - Good amount of buildings to look through
    - Dark
    - Great soundtrack
    - A feeling of anxiety and excitement whilst playing


    - AI don't follow around a part of the train
    - AI fall off the top of the main building
    - Not a lot of items and ammo piles around the place
    - Could use a little more detail
    - Roads could be rounded off instead of edged
    - train track leads to nowhere (randomly placed in middle)
    - Lags every minute or less


    Great map and I love the thought behind it! With the fix of a couple simple things, this map will be huge! Also, I think you should try and make a small campaign based on the same idea. That would be great!

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