Reviews for Attica Region 2018

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    • SauROnmiKE

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      Starts strong, gets extremely repetitive mid-way.

      1) Interesting first 3 maps
      2) I like the use of in-game tips on what to do next, I've never seen this before.
      3) Liked the third map battle.
      1) Bots wouldn't enter the safe house on the third map. I had to wait for them to die...
      2) I like mazes, but man you made me hate them in your campaign.
      3) The campaign started strong, but became repetitive on maps 4-6. It's the same thing over and over and over again. You exit the level, you go in the mini-maze to find an item and use it to go through. So it's like, FIND ITEM, USE IT, REPEAT, for like 3-4 times in a map. It becomes boring. I lost all interest in the fifth map. Shame, because it looked like it was going to be good.
      4) Bots had a hard time moving in this campaign.
      5) No ending scene.
      Overall Grade: C-. It started strong, but the levels 4-6 were just copy-paste. Not a good work on maps 4-6.

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