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  • Very good to the entire community of L4D1 creators, for those who know me and for those who don't, I'm keeping an unofficial update for L4D1, where I add the L4D2 maps for L4D1, even though I'm not very good with this maps, currently I have solved several errors of the maps, making them more stable and without overflow of entities, also solving aesthetic problems, but I have only one problem.
    Not being an expert in this, I usually do the compilation in "Hammer World Editor" in the "normal" option, but for some reason some maps are compiled very obscure, according to Dani1341, the first carrier of these maps, the compilation was done in "expert" and with special commands, then that's where I need your help.
    Could anyone help me with the necessary commands to compile the maps with good lighting?
    Or tell me how I could make the correct compilation of these maps?
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  • Probably you can try to ask some map modders here for advices via pm. There are some that are still quite active, like Trunten, TimelordMagnum, CRONO, cemetera (nickname Evil in workshop), Grumpy, & some Chinese map modders. Those people I mentioned can also be met in workshop but probably they'll respond faster when contacted in workshop. & I think there should be some mapping tutorials too out there.
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  • TIme Lord and I don't work with the first Left 4 Dead... they might be similar enough but also different enough.
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  • Truten, even so, you will have some command for the expert compilation that could help in L4D2, I have to try everything or I will never get a result.
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  • I was taught to use -both -TextureShadows -staticproplighting -StaticPropPolys  for the $light_exe by Funreal, and to compile with -final at the end when you're ready to release the map with good lighting.
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