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    hehe27 coming son! map hehe27_1 map hehe27_2 map hehe27_3 map hehe27_4 map hehe27_5

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    bai mountain 2【拜山2】

    地图名字:拜山2 地图关卡数:12 地图难度:地狱十星 地图风格:战役、挑战、boss、多人娱乐 背景故事:幸存者们开车出外游玩,不料发生了交通意外,他们昏迷了,灵魂离开了他们的身体,前方有一道白光,当他们走进去后却发现自己进到了地狱...

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    Lost CHENWEI

    The map was completed by the author "Chenchen" and "Unnamed". The original name of the map is hehehe5, while the Chinese name is "Lost Chenwei". The names of the two authors are integrated. Survivors were born in a cell. They had ...

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    map version:3 map hehe25_1 map hehe25_2 map hehe25_3 map hehe25_4 map hehe25_5 map hehe25_6

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    Hehe24 has finally been released. What will be different this time? There are four levels of HEHE this time Thank you for supporting the HEHE series! Drawing command: map hehe24_1 map hehe24_2 map hehe24_3 map hehe24_4

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    special task3【特殊任务3】

    The story continues with special mission 2, where survivors escape in tanks and come to the institution and discover the plot map verson:1 Drawing command: map st3_1 map st3_2 map st3_3 map st3_4 map st3_5 map st3_6 ——————————————————...

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    故事剧情:幸存者们所在的小区爆发了丧尸病毒,他们听说晨晨市没有被感染,所以他们去了晨晨市,但是这里也已经被感染了,并且他们面对的敌人不仅仅是丧尸,似乎还有个神秘组织在这里杀活人 建图代码: cc_thecity cc_thecity2 cc_thestreet cc_thesewer ...

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    hehe20终于在5.1劳动节这天赶出来啦!!!本次呵呵一共20关 小伙伴们赶紧带上伙伴来玩一下吧! ————————————————————————————————— 版本:1 ————————————————————————————————— 建图代码: map hehe20_1 map hehe20_2 map hehe20_3 map hehe20_4 map h...

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    hehe18,thank you map hehe18_1 map hehe18_2 map hehe18_3 map hehe18_4 map hehe18_5 map hehe18_6

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    hehe17 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh _________________________________________________________ hehe17_1 hehe17_2 hehe17_3 hehe17_4 hehe17_5 the hehe is 5 guanka 本次呵呵难度较大,地图较暗,不适合新手玩家

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    新砚州...........,共4关 map yanzhounight_tiwei map yanzhounight_duhe map yanzhounight_baogonci map yanzhounight_underground

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    hehe16 is back 建图代码: map hehe16_1 map hehe16_2 map hehe16_3 ... map hehe16_8 一共8大关卡,有点难度哦

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    Tank God domain

    Synopsis: the survivors went to an unknown place, where it was tank, and a group of tank was watching, and the survivors had to flee Schema command: map hehe211 map hehe212 map hehe213 map hehe214 map hehe215 map hehe216 map hehe217 ...

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    The story continues Haha 2. The survivors took UFO. They entered the UFO of aliens. Originally, aliens wanted to arrest them for experiments. They had to escape from UFOs.

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