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    The suffering is over......

    I finally beat this campaign on expert with bots, I made nice intro for your map too, and sort of guide.
    I did had to do some testing in some maps before finishing it , I made a video with the intro:    /watch?v=uCat0prrrBM
    And part 2 with another intro is in the description. 
    I finished 15 maps one night, the other 5 in 3 days  The most problems I had was with map 16, I did manage to pass the tanks 3 times on the spinning ladder but its almost near impossible, It was better to despawn them, however you can also jump on the edge to avoid triggering the tanks, Or another way is jump diagonally and if right you will end up on top above the tanks, and only left is the platforming, where I died over and over because of 1 stupid mistake.
    I think this map took 80 tries atleast, until I discovered the super jump, but luckily the tank did not hit me.
    I did not like the maps where there is invisibility, like map 17 invisible walls, and map 11 the glitchy mist,
    I did found a way tho and managed it., And for me the last was very long too full of witches, and tanks, 
    atleast there was a spot where you can return and the tanks die, shot all the witches with shotty and kept the bots alive, this was the only way for me. But overall can't complain, I already know what to expect in most hehe campaigns, As long as its beatable, with bots too, in someways. But this was by far some of the hardest hehe maps I've done alone, or with friend.I give you 4 ☆☆☆☆,
    Greetings Spirit Warrior.

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