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    Another troll campaign yay.. Tank spam on chapter 1, unclear where to go, lack of supplies. Chapter 2 is more of the same, except there are medkits further in, bland as all hell. Chapter 3 is a pretty basic chapter, and surprisingly, no forced tanks, just a really short level. Chapter 4 is even more tank spam, and beware which path you take at the end! Chapter 5 is a pretty short tank ice "square" linear path you must follow to the end. And finally the finale is... well an interesting tiny bouncing off of boomers "parkour" section, aaaaand you guessed it into more tank spam, if you manage to get passed that, you win. Sigh. Oh and the bots don't work on the finale, may as well just bloody kick them from the game!

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Version 3.0 Complete

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    Neon Prime 2069

    Steam workshop version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3288654139 Welcome to Neon Prime 2069, a co-op campaign set in the cyber world This is my 4th campaign, first one to be made from scratch, and I hate ever...

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  • 2 Maps
    Crescendo Collision (Fixed Patch Remaster)

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    Baka 2 - 「Purely Torture Hell」

    The follow up of my very first map on l4d2 It's a really terrible trolling map dont play it This map literally took me almost 300 hours (half of it used for afk wtf) to finish this so please play to the end with your friend if you c...

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