special task2(4.0)

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  • AmazingNep02

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    Interesting and Fun Map/Needs Improvement

    This custom campaign was not what I expected, it wasn't really annoying just buggy in some areas, like two of us died in the elevator down to the finale safehouse, and we spawned in first time but when we died in finale, we remained dead while other two were alive, and it was an infinite loop of that, Also skymap was untextured and some parts just felt like a big troll map also, Definitely recommend a play through just to experience it

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  • 5 Maps
    Block2 【方块2】

    Diamond finally ushered in its sequel, like tank's little partner don't miss it 5555

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    Mutation Collection

    ENGLISH: THESE MODS ARE NOT MY PROPERTY This is a compilation of mods from different authors on GameMaps and Steam Workshop “Mutation Collection” contains: - Weapon and item skins - Survivor skin - Common and special zombie skin -...

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