bai mountain 2【拜山2】

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    Yet another terrible troll campaign, featuring the standard 100 or so tanks to deal with along the way, useless bots (don't play solo), barely any supplies anywhere (seriously supplies distribution is a joke, barely existing) extreme trail and error based gameplay so have fun dying a lot. The chapters are nothing exciting just a lot of obstacles, parkour and "funny" troll moments. The only chapter I can say I had some fun with is chapter 10, low gravity is fun, but item hunting; not so much. Chapter 11 is an extremely long, repetitive tower segment that takes FOREVER to reach the top, buut you do get a pretty cool boss fight at the end, but hey if you die, have fun climbing all the way up ;). An annoying issue I encountered was I would sometimes spawn out of bounds after dying, so I'd have no choice but to return to lobby and re-launch the map. And to top it off, a hilariously easy finale map, which pales in comparison to the rest of the campaign. Some maps are also poorly optimized, so hope you enjoy high-ping gameplay too. Avoid at all costs, unless you're one of those masochists :)

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Version 6.3 Complete

  • 4 Maps
    Pick a Gnome

    Pick up a gnome to activate items. Count the number of gnomes on the loading screen to activate a gate in map 1, without consequences. 12/2/2023 10:15am Added different populations to each map. Fixed a few issues.

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  • Mod
    Cyberpunk 2077 - TDS - pumpshotgun (request)

    Cyberpunk 2077 - TDS - pumpshotgun (request) first person Open World Action Role-Playing Game Cyberpunk 2077 (2020) Tsunami Defense Systems electric Shotguns. Left 4 Dead 2 (Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot) Replacement skin for Pump...

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  • 5 Maps
    Crash Course ReRouted
    Beta N/A

    This is a recreation of Crash course called Crash Course ReRouted that has 5 chapters. I made this map for Zonemod Config competitive versus. ( NOT CAMPAIGN) You can play this map on campaign but there will be no ending and no end credi...

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  • Guide
    Easter Eggs : How to make 6 Tanks spawn at the ...

    Get 6 tanks to fight on all DS maps Find the gnome (one is hidden on each map) and press the secret buttons (one on each map) to spawn 6 tanks... good luck, ya gone need it !) First button is after the house on truck's plate Second is a...

  • Map
    6 Minute Island Sv. (Fixed)

    L4D1 Port - Bill and the others finally make it to an island but their life is far from happy. :) This map is pretty hard as there are no good camping spots. Also be careful there are sharks in the water that will take you out. Ported ...

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