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  • Beautiful and unique map

    From a mapper to another, this is one of the best maps I have played in a long time! Really a fun and unique experience. Sometimes it felt like I was revisiting Warcelona again. Fun puzzles that are not unfair and fits both new and old more experienced players. I was glad to see some of the props used from Resident Evil also! I liked the thunder/lightning effects in map 1, they added a nice spooky vibe to the map. In map 1 I noted a small error near the beginning. There is a white van that sits next to a house which takes you to an area players should not be able to go. You can see nodraw on buildings and where the world geometry ends. The van is probably meant to block the player from going in there, but it has it's collision set to [Non solid]. Just a small fix :) I also reported it on the steam bugs and error page.
    I also want to mention the beautiful shadow work you had in the sewers as well. I personally love to work with shadows myself, and the shadow of the zombie leaning towards the fence looked really dope! Nice work on that.
    I for one, did not think map 3 was boring at all. The designs are very well made and you can see love has been put into the architecture. Not just plain 90 degree angles etc. The color corrections adds a lot to an already nice atmosphere as well! And the fact that all saferooms are vehicles, makes you feel like you are traveling around. This is something most mappers don't do. 
    My favorite map was the finale, I love a gauntlet and running through that beautiful vegetation was a pleasant experience. Well made designs and the world look realistic. I give you a full 5 star for this campaign. Had a blast and will def play it again sometime soon :)
    - Beautiful and advanced designs
    - Decent overall length on the campaign
    - Good transitions between maps
    - Amazing atmospheres
    - I don't understand spanish (Not your fault :D)
    - Some minor nav problems with the bots here and there
    - The campaign is not infinite

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • lol, thanks for this review <3 Im slowly fixing bugs (like the van, this one is already fixed and will be updated tonight)

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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