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  • kurochama

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    Nice one to play again and again

    After so many tests since the first version, I cleared this campaign in about 50 minutes as I remembered the paths well. It looks like the lag problem is fixed especially on map 1, as well as the crash problem on map 3. The mechanism of pushing the button to open the warehouse door is removed & somehow that fixes the crash.
    Well, I think I can write a review now. The campaign is much fun to replay again. The supplies are enough. Though there's no primary weapon in the beginning of map 1, it's like "Dead Center" campaign mechanism, in which the primary weapons are set outside the house. It's fine because it's quite fast to get out of the house, & the only threat would be a charger. & boss spawn is disabled, so this can be helpful to survivors that only have melee weapons & pistols in the house. The directions & highlights are clear, as well as the instructions. Bot navigation works well too. I checked the bot navigation by letting them walk on their own to the saferoom using a command in my mod, "Bots Lead The Way", & they could arrive in the saferoom on each map without getting stuck. Even they walked well on the finale, though I set them back to follow me because there's no need for them to do the pathfinding anymore during runaway finale.
    Probably it would be helpful if there's one last instruction at the closed gate near the rescue location, like "Find a way to go through the gate". The path can be missed easily during panic in escaping from zombies, so an instruction would be helpful to make players figure out where to go. I had no problem during playtesting more than 5 times since the first version though, as I loved exploring some locations when I met a dead end.
    In short, this campaign is recommended to play with bots or with other players. There are some funny chats too. I laughed several times when other survivors kept teasing Ellis even since the beginning on map 1, especially how Nick mocked Ellis :D . One of campaigns with funny jokes inside that I've ever played.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • Special thanks to you for testing the map a lot looking for bugs and glitches. Cheers!

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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