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Old School Lockdown [Stormy version]

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    Perfect campaign with a very complex layout, it may keep ya lookin' around for a while! The maps are absolutely packed with objects everywhere, it gives you a very claustrophobic feeling for sure. You end the campaign with a brutal gauntlet, this one will keep ya playin' upwards of an hour, there's some interesting survivor interactions to be had too, I wont spoil them though. No issues I could find/ Also to the author: You can just rename the mission txt file and map names so this one wont clash with the newer version, which is very easy to do.

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Version 2 Final

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    Founding Titan final theme as tank music

    ★ Founding Titan final theme as tank music ■ Test of the modification in Left 4 Dead 2 ▶ If you liked the modification, I would really appreciate it if you leave your like, and if you are new to the channel, you can also subscribe if y...

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  • 3 Maps
    The Dayafter
    Beta N/A

    The survivors are now aware of Reuseable Water in 'Zephyrhills' before they can reach their destination. They must reach 'Zephyrhills Station' to be rescued their hope is none of them will be see the 'Day After!' Special Thanks: ...

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    TDA Hatsune Miku: GLaDOS Aperture (VIP Survivor)

    Just a mod to replace VIP Survivor in VIP Escort from Rayman1103's Mutation Mod,and it is made using the simplest way, so it cannot work alone. There are two versions, "rnggladosmikuvip.vpk" requests "myl4d2addons_rng miku.vpk" and "mu...