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  • killer328

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    Below Average

    Good dark environment
    Good object asignment
    Not clearly instruction at map 1 & map 3, most time i don't know where to go.
    Map 3: when enter the graveyard, i face a permanently hordes, even Spitter alert a horde and still can't find a way to escape & accept death at that position.
    • But anyway, it's a decent map, it's just need to have more clearly instruction of where to go or what to do, example at the graveyard checkpoint, the author should make a hint that tell us to holdout for how many minutes or so. So we can know what we have to do at that time.
    • Thanks guys 4 giving me a hint, but i think i won't play this map again, cause my host use plugins, and if a holdout checkpoint when u have 2 face hundred of zombies & 2 65k HP at a time, well u know what's gonna happen XD
    • Chapter 3, aka the graveyard, is a holdout event. A rock will break when you have survived long enough, clearing your way :) there should be a hint showing you where it is located before you start the event.
    • As far as I know, at the graveyard, there's a breakable wall leading to a secret tunnel at the corner. Actually I still don't know how to break it, but I played twice & luckily it broke itself & showed the secret tunnel.

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