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I began mapping for Half Life 1, Natural Selection mod.

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    Level design. (alternate paths and scenery changes often)
    Somewhat detailed (at places)
    Item placement.
    Game flow.
    Atmosphere is there time to time.
    I played it from the beginning and actually finished it.
    You made me make a fourth review.


    Felt underdetailed at places and not enough custom content to enhance that atmoshpere you had going on.
    More variation in supplies can help tons here.
    Unfortunately, despite its goodness, lack of originality.


    I played Bloody Moors, i gave up half way because of pure boredom ( everything looks the same and It Is Overrated ), it was also trying to hard and fell flat ( One 4 Nine is way better).
    This one might not look as good, but it is hell of a better experience when it comes to level design and pure fun. Sure, some parts might feel disjointed ( or look bad ) in terms of scenery, but, it also kept everything more interesting for what to come, or what to expect.
    This came out of the blue and you impressed me, that, is something that i do not easily get.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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