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Hello, world! Thanks to Rayman1103, my Gamemaps name is now consistent with my Steam name! I love firearms and computer graphics. My Steam URL:

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  • A functional fun campaign

    Well-built and decorated, with low atmospheric lighting, and pleasant balance of supplies. The abundance of explosive barrels can get annoying with those trigger-happy bots, who nevertheless refuse to shoot completely at the parking with alarmed cars. There are some spots where bots can get stuck and sometimes they ignore supplies in plain sight (tables or ambulances), and I reckon there'd be places where they can't revive you. The comic sound effects are a fun idea, but sometimes they're cheesy (like "PUMP! PUMP!") to the point one would expect "PROPERTY DAMAGE!!" pop up at some point. Regardless, the campaign is long, if a bit repetitive, easy enough, and with a comic book worthy finale twist.

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