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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Today's Top Mods
Audio Vehicles
01.17.18 Feedback 1
Chris Redfield voice pack for Francis(RE5 and REREV) replaces 704 lines of fr... More >
Author grunter
Game Left 4 Dead 2

2 2018 Fashion Nick
Texture Packs Survivors
01.14.18 Feedback 1
Nick. Now with lips and a clean suit. (and many other cosmetic changes) More >
Author Rhys_Chapman
Game Left 4 Dead 2

3 Minecraft Zombies
Miscellaneous Infected
05.23.12 Feedback 166
Sense I'm going Minecraft crazy here's another minecraft mod, but for the inf... More >
Author Splinks
Game Left 4 Dead 2

4 2018 Fashion Zoey
Texture Packs Survivors
01.14.18 Feedback 0
Gives Zoey a 2018 style Adidas Track Jacket Blue Skinny Jeans No Socks White ... More >
Author Rhys_Chapman
Game Left 4 Dead 2

5 Improved Bots (Advanced)
05.18.13 Feedback 1,094
SUMMARY This addon makes several changes to bots to make them act more like h... More >
Author Dziggy
Game Left 4 Dead 2

6 Azuki
Miscellaneous Survivors
01.03.18 Feedback 4
Replaces Nick Enjoy! Credits: Raitoningu - original compile zexalyuma - comp... More >
Author Raitoningu/zexalyuma
Game Left 4 Dead 2

7 Tank rush
05.15.15 Feedback 28
This is the tank rush plugin become mod, nothing more and nothing less than f... More >
Author WILLIAMS117™
Game Left 4 Dead 2

8 [L4D2] Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Weapon Sound Mod Redux
Audio Weapons
01.09.18 Feedback 7
Replaces: Items, Weapons and Melee Sounds Sputnikski was originally released... More >
Author KleinerJay/Rockstar Games
Game Left 4 Dead 2

9 Valve's Missing Content Fix
Texture Packs
07.10.13 Feedback 166
Adds missing textures and models. These files came in with the first revision... More >
Author Rayman1103
Game Left 4 Dead 2

10 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Weapon Pack 2.0
Audio Scripts Weapons
04.16.17 Feedback 68
This Pack Has Some Of The Weapons From Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 1,2 & 3 In... More >
Author TheGunGamer
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Today's Top Left 4 Dead 2
7 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
01.06.18 Feedback 393
Things you have to know: -I changed the name (Raccoon City Nemesis) to avoi... More >
Author Roku
Game Left 4 Dead 2

2 Cursed and Babbling (Fixed)
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
01.18.18 Feedback 63
Our survivors start out rummaging a hospital for supplies before venturing fo... More >
Author TimelordsRDShite, Marcus Yaho, Matt Harrod (Omnis), Mikan World
Game Left 4 Dead 2

3 Deathcraft II
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
11.05.12 Feedback 1,944
2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last... More >
Author Special KBS/Splinks/Mojang/C418
Game Left 4 Dead 2

4 Absolute Zero Epilogue 2.0
3 Maps Versus Campaign
01.01.18 Feedback 166
Various models, textures (c) Crowbar Collective, the Black Mesa team, under t... More >
Author Valve & Community
Game Left 4 Dead 2

5 Escape Using Your Basic Instincts (Fixed)
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
01.18.18 Feedback 53
Our survivors start out in Amsterdam where they end up finding a sail boat to... More >
Author Klotz - EEm, Final Salvation Developers, Grippy, 1SG Heartless,
Game Left 4 Dead 2

6 Left 4 Mario
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
10.18.10 Feedback 338
This is Custom Campaign for L4D2. You need Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Support. **... More >
Author Yomi
Game Left 4 Dead 2

7 Resident Evil 1
6 Maps Co-Op Survival
12.22.17 Feedback 306
An incident with the chopper forces the survivors to get into a big house in ... More >
Author Steam: rodry_ponja (Roku)
Game Left 4 Dead 2

8 Prison and Hershell farm from TWD (beta)
2 Maps Survival
01.15.18 Feedback 62
Destination: Survival mode 2 map from tv series The Walking Dead For more... More >
Author Palacio
Game Left 4 Dead 2

9 Day Break
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
09.01.17 Feedback 381
It's been a long road since I started this project shortly before Left 4 Dead... More >
Author DannBo
Game Left 4 Dead 2

10 Yama v4.0 (Compatible with authors workshop v4.0)
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
12.24.17 Feedback 44
Author the0rthopaedicsurgeon
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Weapons Selection Pack
Updated: 05/21/14
Pistols: P220/Glock > Beretta 92FS
Magnum: Desert Eagle > S&W Model 29
SMG Silenced: MAC-10 > FN P90
SMG: Uzi > Uzi Unfolded
Rifle AK-47 Retexture
Rifle M16: M16 > M16A2
Rifle Desert: SCAR-L Silenced
Rifle-CS: SG552 > M4A1 Tactical
Sniper: Hunting Rifle > M14 Springfield
Sniper Military: H&K G3 SR9 Reanimation
Sniper-CS: Steyr Scout > M24
SniperAWP-CS: AWSM > AW50
Pumpshotgun: Remington 870 Custom Texture
Chrome Shotgun: Chrome Remington > KS-23
Shotgun SPAS: SPAS-12 Retexture
Autoshotgun: Benelli M4 Super 90 Retexture
M60: M60 > RPK
Grenade Launcher: M79 Chrome

Credit goes for various authors, i just mixed and changed to meet my taste. Includes sound and texture modification for all fire weapons. Credits: Doktor Haus, Arby26, Lt. Rocky, Funreal, Seph, ImBrokeRU, Blur, Spezz, Pete, Kimono, Thanez, miztaegg, Sarune, Engineer, Vunsunta, azlyirnizam, Unkn0wn, K1CHWA, boba_fett, twinke, sf.thanez, kim, MaxTheUniqueGamer, Yogensia, Crash, BarisTheBlade. Please feel free to point missed authors.
All the material was downloaded and combined following Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. Im totally free to share: copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms: Attribution (appropriate credit), noncommercial and noderivative (i didint remixed, transformed or built upon) "If the combination does not create an adaptation, then you may combine any CC-licensed content so long as you provide attribution and comply with the NonCommercial restriction if it applies."
Changelog (v5.0 Complete)
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