Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
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Left 4 Dead 2
Maps Survival
An indoor map with lots of specials. There are two teleporters on the map (pipe covers, see screenshot) there are a bunch of hidden ladders and randomly fired laser beams. If you want to play it vanilla, don't use the M16 or M60 as they come modded. If you use them and they carry over into the next map (not mine) just restart steam. The map kind of looks like Herb Tarlek's suit. The ugliest m...
Helm's Deep Reborn version 22. Defend the great fortress of Rohan and survive until Gandalf's arrival. Created by SeriouS_Samurai (Daniel) and Team chivalry. Inspired by the Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings. How to install: Download the file first. Use winrar or winzip to open the downloaded file. Extract helms_dr22.vpk to: Steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/a...
2 days ago
My first map. Grab your sniper rifle and bile jar. Update: Increased difficulty. See Changelog
3 days ago
Call of Duty 5 : Der Riese L4D2 Remake
4 days ago
Update realesed. Read change log. A small beach with some houses inspired by Dead Island Riptide. There are a lot of weapons around the map and points where you can hold out. Use mods from below to get map more Dead Island feeling. Name of the map is fictional btw. Created for the GameBanana Trouble in Paradise mapping competition.
2 weeks ago
Updated lighting. Updated textures. Updated details. Updated mesh.
2 weeks ago
Valves Main Street map from Death Toll in survival mode. L4D1 Survivors. I won't be updating this map, it's a Final. Use the radio on the ground to start - not the Forklift. -happy zombie killin
2 weeks ago
The Caves map from Death Toll. Includes L4D1 survivors. I won't be updating this map.
2 weeks ago
I have brought over my rendition of Modern Warfare 2 : Highrise Contains a massive quantitiy of munitions spread evenly throughout the map at various points. I have supported and brought in all original areas from MW2 Highrise, if you could get somewhere in MW2 Highrise then you can get there in my Highrise the exact same way. I have also supported various "strange" locations, if ...
3 weeks ago
Valves Drainage map with L4D1 survivors. This is a Tank Fest, as you will be taking on 2 to 3 Tanks at a time. It's difficult but doable. I was able to do over 10 minutes twice in 10 tries - solo with the Bots. I usually stayed by the start button before having to determine where to move too. There are Teleports on the map to help get the bots and you up top asap. Eat your wheaties or your ...
3 weeks ago
Edit: Added L4D1 Survivors and fixed the "light leak" Valves c9m2_lots from Crash Course in Survival mode. Use the Radio on the ground for dark map, or use the Generator to start the round and add a bit more light.
3 weeks ago
Just thinking of new innovative ideas. In this map you build traps to kill the infected. Right now there are only three traps but more will come. I want the community to partake in this. So if you have any ideas for traps, Level design, things that should be removed, or anything in general. Post your ideas in the comments. Please have Instructor hints enabled as they will help you understand...
3 weeks ago
Valve's Train Tunnel map with L4D1 Survivors.
3 weeks ago
Parish Bridge Survival Map setup at the Choppa. Note: The top of the Bridge was crashing after 15 min, so I took the radio out up there and set the map up to play the chopper area.
3 weeks ago
Edit: Added L4D1 Survivors Valves c9m1_alleys, setup in Survival Mode
4 weeks ago
Valves Waterfront map in Survival Mode. I replaced some of the weapons for AK47s, added a .50cal in the bar, added a SPAS,molotovs and health packs. There are two entrance ways/doors that have plywood coverings that you can go through. One is behind the bar the other next to it. The bots can't go through but you can. If you go through the tank will go over the roofs to get to you. I think tho...
4 weeks ago
During the day, it's a place of joy. But you aren't here during the day. The Five Nights At Freddy's Pizzeria has arrived to L4D2. The goal of this map is to survive all 5 nights. You have doors and lights in the office to assist you in battle, but be sure to use them wisely because you have limited power. As for weapons, you start with Tier 1s for the first night, however, there are a few hid...
4 weeks ago
Valves C3m2_swamp map converted to a Survival Map. It's an easy survival map, so it's good for beginners, if you are a Pro, go Magnum only. Get your pills/adrenaline, throwables from the Parachute guy (Unlimited). Sometimes he will spawn International Weapons which is cool (they do damage) Start the game by opening the door in the wrecked plane. (No sense in going through as there are no we...
4 weeks ago
This is the Dark Carnival Hotel map setup on the other side of the fence. Grab the Sparks to Start the round.
4 weeks ago
Valve's Shanty Town map in survival mode.
4 weeks ago
Can you figure out how to trigger the escape and save your lives? Survivors must fight for their lives through an abandoned warehouse complex. Fight off the horde and uncover the frightening history of your soon-to-be grave!
last month
This is a map i have been working on for a long time and i am about finished with it. I believe making this map i pushed Hammer to its limit running into all kinds of problems with too many objects. I wanted to make the map bigger and more detailed but hammer cant handle too much stuff so some things had to be cut. Like falling buildings in the background, chopper coming in with supplies, and j...
last month
Hungry for more screenshots? Want them in HD? Go to bit.ly/1xAty4k Remember for local server hosting (for multiplayer), use sv_consistency 0 in the console so your friends don't get kicked (needed for the game, is not specific just to my campaign)! NOTE! To maintain the quality and preserve the atmosphere of this campaign, the L4D1 zombies are enforced inside the addon files. If you have ANY ...
last month
5/5 maps
Hold out and wait for rescue on an asteroid mining colony. Original map by Aigik released in 2010, updated for 2015 by myself. I have not modified the original map in any way. I have only fixed the broken models caused by The Sacrifice DLC. All credit for the map goes to Aigik.
last month
An updated, fan-created version of the original Club Dali! Contains new lighting, an optional music-playlist, and increased map detail. I take no credit for the original brushwork of the map.
last month
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