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Lady Gaga Swinefest: 'Bad Romance' Hunter, is a re-skin and a music mod. The first entry in my Lady Gaga themed Special Infected mods, I'll be looking to release a whole infected pack once I can come up something for the tank. So for the meanwhile I'll be releasing them individually. * A look ins...
Lady Gaga Swinefest: 'Government Hooker' Witch 2.0, is a 'Swinefest' update for my 'Government Hooker' old version (check in my workshop) Has better color blending, with platnium hair,without the creepy Gaga face from the first one and a cleaner finish. Also available on Steam Workshop, just searc...
This Mod will make the wall text changed to Chinese. P.S, not including art graffiti. Thanks Despair and 阿咩Amie help, And 公子明 to provide translation for reference.
A PLZ-05 Self-Propelled Howitzer in the role of the Howitzer. It's the one used to destroy the barricade. north (TF3DM): Model and Textures
10 hours ago
I made this "Adam Lambert - Trespassing Concert".Because Adam he is good singer.And his songs are pretty good)In this mod,i also changed firework box.And I chose his recent photos as posters.)) Nine songs in this mod: Adam Lambert - Trespassing Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself ...
11 hours ago
Commander Shepard replaces the survivor Rochelle. No facial animation.
13 hours ago
MasterChief replaces the survivor Coach. Basic animations.
15 hours ago
A few years ago this was something that was supposed to and was also planned to come out. Due to a load of problems this was not able to be released, until now. Remember: The pack only works in Single Player! There is a few things you might want to know: - This is in Beta still. - Survivors FPS arms...
A replica of the bookcase I had when I attended College. Cinder blocks and planks. Valve: Models and Textures
A replica of the bookcase I had when I attended College. Cinder blocks and planks. Valve: Models and Textures
Taylor Swift is one of my favorite singers.And she sang a lot of nice country song.Now i want she sing in the Left4Dead2 world for her fans!So i made this "Taylor Swift - Theme Concert"Mod.)))) The songs in this mod are: Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift - 22 Taylor Swif...
2 days ago
The Valve Jukebox with a new record and stylus. Valve: Jukebox Model and Textures. 4A games: Record and Stylus Model and Textures.
2 days ago
A Pool Table in the role of the... Pool Table. Peter David McHugh: Model and Textures
2 days ago
Song 1 Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue Tank 1 The Ghost Inside - Engine 45 Song 2 Chunk, No Captian Chunk - All Star Tank 2 Four Year Strong - Find My Way Back Credits Finch - Letters To You
3 days ago
A Metro Dumpster in the role of the... Dumpster. 4A Games: Model and Textures.
4 days ago
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