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Taylor Swift is one of my favorite singers.And she sang a lot of nice country song.Now i want she sing in the Left4Dead2 world for her fans!So i made this "Taylor Swift - Theme Concert"Mod.)))) The songs in this mod are: Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift - 22 Taylor Swif...
1 hour ago
Commander Shepard replaces the survivor Rochelle. No facial animation.
13 hours ago
The Valve Jukebox with a new record and stylus. Valve: Jukebox Model and Textures. 4A games: Record and Stylus Model and Textures.
16 hours ago
A Pool Table in the role of the... Pool Table. Peter David McHugh: Model and Textures
16 hours ago
Song 1 Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue Tank 1 The Ghost Inside - Engine 45 Song 2 Chunk, No Captian Chunk - All Star Tank 2 Four Year Strong - Find My Way Back Credits Finch - Letters To You
A Metro Dumpster in the role of the... Dumpster. 4A Games: Model and Textures.
I think that black might suit him best. this is my third, free for all outfit i have made so far.The first dosnt count in my opinion.Its way too bad. i would love to hear any feedbacks about my work and any suggestions for improvement. Enjoy :)
when you pick something up , will hear the silent hill music!!!
I use his funny expression made this mod.九门大提督简介:他是一个传奇,他是吾辈屌丝的楷模。。。大都督向来见首不见尾的,至今无人知道他的任何资料。。。可是他在巧遇卡的神话是谁也超越不了的。。。
2 days ago
The Metro Piano in the role of the... Piano. 4A Games: Model and Textures.
2 days ago
SCAR-20 which adopted CS1.6 SG550's gunfire & gunother sound,made in Belgium! The original one doesn't have sound effect and camo effect,so I also give SCAR-20 desert camo skin. ==Credits== Original Model: Twilight Animation: Krycek Re-texturing: Richard Custom Sound: Richard
SVD Dragunov which adopted CrossFire SVD Dragunov's gunfire sound,made in Russia! I processed the original mod, this SVD Dragunov has CrossFire custom sound(the original isn't) and replaces Sniper Military. ==Credits== Original Model: Eprdox & Thanez Compiler: Doktor Haus & Lt. Rocky Ani...
This replace the Spitter models into Beta Drone from Alien Swarm Work only on Singleplayer and Modded server Requires SNPCs Special Infected Script
2 days ago
This replace the Boomer models into Boomer from Alien Swarm Work only on Singleplayer and Modded server Requires SNPCs Special Infected Script
2 days ago
The Metro 2033 Revolver in the role of the Desert Eagle. 4A Games: Texture, Model and Sound. arby26: Animations.
2 days ago
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