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The Lost Soul Bike from "Ride to Hell: Retribution" replaces the "car001a_hatchback" and "car001b_hatchback." 3dregenerator: Model and Textures
33 minutes ago
As requested by Sub-Zero69, I have uploaded SubZero from DC vs Mortal Combat. SubZero replaces the survivor NICK.
6 hours ago
Includes replaced posters and Billboards, most of which were made by me.
11 hours ago
First of all thank krycek's animation.This is a BF4 AK12 Replace the AK47. Update: improved the gun body material and auxiliary material sights to make it more metallic simple sense. in addition,.I don't know how to update the screenshot.Please watch Featured Image.
20 hours ago
As requested by Fyrex, I have uploaded a character pack version of Salem in medium gear. The masks can be replaced with custom textures for all survivors. This mod replaces ALL survivors.
As requested by Fyrex, I have uploaded a slightly different version of Salem in light gear. Replaces the survivor NICK.
As requested by Fyrex, I have uploaded a slightly different version of Salem in medium gear. Replaces the survivor NICK.
La musica de la Bruja ahora tiene un toque divertido :), ademas cuando lanzas un molotov a la bruja, el ritmo de la musica va mas rapido ..
Scorpion Replaces Ellis Goes well with the Katana :) Scorpion has came to cut down everything in his path this is a repost for this mod previously created by Mr lanky added new idle animations to the model
2 days ago
Quick concert mod, almost no effort put into this. But I saw there was no Girls und Panzer mods so I figured I'd make one. Songs: 1: Panzer Vor! 2: Katyusha Tank: 1:Senshadou March 2: A tense situation
2 days ago
Is Skrillex concert which contains the following songs 1.-SKRILLEX - Bangarang feat. Sirah 2.-Skrillex & Damian -JR. Gong Marley - Make It Bun Dem (Tank) 3.-SKRILLEX - KYOTO (FT SIRAH.) 4.-First Of The Year (Equinox) - Skrillex (Tank)
2 days ago
Boomer's vomit has been replaced by rainbow vomit on survivors when
3 days ago
The Shuttlecraft USS Galileo in the role of the C130. Something to fool around with. Seen in the Finale for Dead Air. x-n-a (TF3DM): Model and Textures
3 days ago
Well, it's been a while since this was being used. I do not take credit for the mods inside. This is also available on the Steam Workshop. Please read the changelog for more details of the update! Few things you might want to know: - To only play with this mod online, the server must be set to Local...
Today we got some classic gun here, old-school M16. Gun comes with extended 60 rounds magazine, and replaces SCAR. I know that you can ask me WHYNOTM16!?!?! 10000 times, but...nevermind. This mod comes with included sounds edited by Doktor Haus, and this is not a subject for discussions. READ DESCR...
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